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Have you played any of those games? The mazes where the challenge is for you to try and enter at one point and exit at another without hitting any dead ends? If you missed out, just drag yourself downtown to former Hotel Equatoria, now a shopping mall – sorry, maze – and you can catch up on your childhood.

Since the refurbishment that introduced more shops and got rid of most of the rooms/restaurants a couple of years ago, I had not set foot in the place. Until last Saturday when I was charged with overseeing the smooth running of one bride’s salon experience at Gifted Hands in the place’s basement – well, basement it feels like if you are approaching it from the parking lot entrance like I was, but it is really on the ground floor and next to the entrance if you walk in from Kyaggwe road.

I have to give it to Karim Hirji the proprietor; he must have loved those childhood puzzles. What else could have inspired him to model the mall this way? I had to be collected from the parking lot where I had been advised to wait, because there was no way I could ever find it on my own even with directions – the bride’s maid of honour advised.

When she finally surfaced, we commenced the odyssey; down one corridor, taking a left into another corridor, then down a flight of stairs and taking a right down a corridor, then down more stairs and up a wide corridor and then, bingo! The hair salon.

Trying to make it back without help was the actual game now. Up this corridor and turn left and...a dead end. Retracing my footsteps and trying another corridor and after a couple more corners, I was in the middle of what looked like a kitchen.

I asked directions from a girl peeling matooke and she was kind enough to point me to a staircase. Thank goodness for that shop with the beautiful Chanel bag on display; I noticed the bag on my way in and here it was again; so, I had to be in the right corridor.

A couple more dead ends and finally, I was outside Club Galaxy again. I wanted to jump up and down in celebration. As I trekked to the parking lot, I couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like shopping in there...and what if a fire broke out, God forbid!

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