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“If you have to tell a story, tell it from the heart.” these are the first words that hit your face whenever a Dilman Dila movie is starting.

And if I have to judge by the ones I have seen so far, he indeed tells his stories from a place deeper than the heart. Dilman is a Ugandan filmmaker and a social activist who believes stories are an important tool in creating a better world.

On January 21, Dilman, with the support of Goethe Zentrum, organized a viewing event for his feature film Felista’s Fable at the Goethe offices in Nakasero. According to Dilman, the film was originally meant to be an action-packed thriller, but after the script was done, the other producers felt it would come out better as a romantic comedy.

The film rotates around Felista (Veronica Namanda), a cursed woman. She stinks that no one can stand to be near her. This causes her to separate from her family and live as a lonely outcast in an abandoned house.
But one day, a witch-doctor, Kuku (Michael Wawuyo), finds a solution.

A cry-baby man can inherit the smell from her. Felista is hesitant to grab the opportunity, because she does not want another person to live through the pain that she has, but she longs to reunite with her husband and child. So she kidnaps such a man, Dan (Isaac Kudzu), who is a 35-year-old virgin who still stays with his mother (Joanita Bewulira Wandera) and is desperate to marry.

However, Dan recently got a job that makes him very rich. This attracts the attention of Kate (Tibba Murungi), a gold-digger he has wooed for a long time, and that of a corrupt cop, Jomba (Gerald Rutaro), who frames him for murder in an extortion scheme.

As Felista races against time to deliver Dan to the witch-doctor and win back her husband’s love, it turns into a high-energy chase with a voluptuous Kate and a trigger-happy Jomba hot on her tail. Dilman makes strong points in his movie especially with his pro-traditionalist’s stance. In a very long time, this is the first African movie you will see where African voodoo was used for something good – saving a marriage.

The picture quality passes many of the standards like framing, lighting, costume, make-up and location, plus, Dilman does extremely well on all the close-up shots. It is no surprise the film’s make-up artiste Michael Wawuyo has been nominated for this year’s  Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice awards (AMVCA).

The movie, alongside other Dilman films like What Happened In Room 13, How Will I Get a Drink, Untouchable Love, among others, has been screened on festivals like Portobello Film festival in UK and Goteborg International Film festival in Sweden.

With its star-studded cast, the movie is one of those lined up to screen on DStv’s Africa Magic this year.

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