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Six arrested over theft of 27 computers at Kagwara Seed School

Kagwara Seed School

Kagwara Seed School

Police in Serere have arrested six people in connection to the theft of 27 computers from Kagwara Seed School in Kadungulu sub-county.

The computers were stolen last year on December 14. It is reported that the thieves broke into the computer laboratory where they accessed the computers and managed to walk away uninterrupted. After the incident, the police started investigations until early last week, when the suspects were arrested.

The suspects include the security guard, Muhammad Gule, the headteacher, Robert Ogaram, and the cleaner whose details were not available. The others are Ronald Esesu, Michael Okiror, and David Opio - all businessmen in Serere district. They are being held at East Kyoga regional police headquarters in Soroti city.

Oscar Gregg Ageca, East Kyoga Regional police spokesman says that they have screened all the suspects who were arrested. He added that the headteacher and cleaner were released on bond.

"When the incident happened, the askari was on duty but he has since absconded from duty. We pursued him until he was arrested and so far, he's been cooperative," Ageca said on the phone.

At the moment, students offering ICT are unable to study since the computer laboratory is empty.

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