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Luwombo leaves Mama Buule’s kiosk for upscale hotels

The chicken luwombo

The chicken luwombo

This trend of fusing traditional foods into fine dining was started several years ago by Sheraton hotel, and has now been adopted by other upscale hotels.

Now you can take your “planned” self or guest to enjoy traditional local meals without having to squeeze into some dingy eatery. Okay, the taste is not the Real McCoy as mama Buule or Hajjati’s luwombo, whose preparations start nearly 24 hours earlier with the smoking of the chicken (usually free range).

At Protea hotel in Entebbe, the luwombo is done within a much shorter time and might as well serve the purpose for the targeted travellers who want to have the final taste before they fly out of the country. Protea is right at the base of Entebbe airport.

The ghee and the mushrooms make it almost as succulent as the other traditional luwombo. Protea’s banana leaves wrap also appears to be spit-roasted and also comes tied at the top and steaming hot. Here it is served with only one dish as selected by the diner. Matooke, rice, Irish potatoes or kalo (millet bread).

It may seem unfair at first, especially given the Shs 44,500 pricing, but with the amount of portions served in the luwombo and picked food, it is well.

Don’t expect free-range chicken though, and of course the broilers and kroilers, apart from being tenderer, have never come close to the local chicken taste. The carrots, bell peppers, bitter berries tomatoes thicken and vegetate the soup really well.

The kalo is just as smooth as the one from Tooro. Sludgy, but good sludgy, and is served in a bowl which also comes with cauliflower, asparagus, French beans and cucumber all boiled together. And all this can be enjoyed by the lakeside as you watch the sunset and local fishermen go about their business.


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