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Tourists construct Shs 900m orthopaedic ward at Jinja hospital

The orthopaedic ward under construction

The orthopaedic ward under construction

A group of European tourists has undertaken the construction of a modern orthopaedic ward at Jinja regional referral hospital.

The 64-bed capacity ward is 80 per cent complete and is set to be commissioned within the next two months. Valued at Shs 900 million, the ward aims to alleviate congestion in the existing facility, which only accommodates 24 beds. In addition to expanding capacity, the new ward includes special rooms for children to prevent their mingling with adult patients.

Upon completion, it will be equipped with specialized beds and mattresses for patients with disabilities, enhancing their access to quality healthcare. Furthermore, the ward features isolation rooms to facilitate comprehensive orthopaedic care for patients with contagious diseases alongside their routine medical treatments.

The initiative stemmed from a group of European tourists, led by Samuel Leads, who embarked on an adventurous expedition along the River Nile, exploring key spots such as Itanda and Busowoko falls. Following their journey, they resolved to allocate part of their trip's savings to a social corporate responsibility project along the river.

After researching various facilities, their guides recommended Jinja hospital. Upon visiting the orthopaedic ward, located approximately 10 meters from the administration block, they were dismayed by the overcrowding and stories of patients being discharged prematurely due to limited space.

Promptly engaging with hospital administrators, they facilitated the necessary paperwork and broke ground for the orthopaedic ward before the expiration of their visas. Alfred Yayi, the hospital director, expressed gratitude for the donation, emphasizing the relief it brings to patients who will now enjoy increased privacy and more quality time with healthcare workers.

With the capacity set to rise to 98 beds, Yayi anticipates that more patients will access specialized healthcare services at the hospital. He also highlighted Jinja's strategic location along the Eastern corridor, which witnesses heavy traffic flow and frequent accidents. The expanded space will help save lives by reducing the need for referrals to other hospitals.


+2 #1 SteveJ30 2024-02-19 22:20
And after completion, its will be commission by M7 and NRM leaders who will want to take all credit for this orthopedic ward.
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0 #2 Marz Mubiru 2024-02-21 09:06
Not only that SteveJ30, but later on you will hear that one or some of theirs have hijacked it. Business as usual.
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