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Police collect Shs 41 billion in 2023 from traffic offenders

Police collected over Shs 41 billion in traffic fines

Police collected over Shs 41 billion in traffic fines

Ugandan motorists were fined at least Shs 41 billion by the traffic police over various offences and violations in 2023. 

Acting director Traffic Road and Safety Lawrence Niwabiine said that at least 528,027 tickets were issued to drivers and motorcyclists for driving vehicles in dangerous mechanical conditions, careless driving, riding without crash helmets, driving without a valid driving permit and obstruction on a road by loading or offloading.

“Among the leading offences, driving a motor vehicle in a dangerous mechanical condition had the highest number of offenders with 99,068, followed by obstruction on road by loading or offloading with 95,667 offenders while driving without a valid driver’s permit had 77,430,” Niwabiine said.

The issued out tickets were worth Shs 41.4 billion but the traffic offenders never paid about Shs 421.3 million. Road safety experts have given divergent opinions on the huge amount of money collected from traffic offenders. Susan Tumuhairwe, the programs coordinator at Safe Way Right Way (SWRW), believes that the penalties can enable drivers and riders to become responsible and careful road users.

“I believe it [penalty] does. Penalties are part of enforcement which is one of the 3 Es [engineering, education and enforcement] of road safety. Penalties, if well executed can be a deterrent measure,” Tumuhairwe said.

Fredrick Kiapi, the project manager of Hope for Victims of Traffic Accidents (HOVITA) argues that traffic penalties have very little to contribute to road safety.

“All the penalty money goes to the consolidated fund so it is up to the ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development to budget its use. Little is invested in road safety,” Kiapi said.

Most traffic offences were committed in November, whereby 53,684 cases were recorded leading to a collection of Shs 3.77 billion. December, the festive month had the lowest number of traffic offences with only 25,921 tickets issued and a collection of only Shs 1.388 billion.

Police attribute the low traffic offences recorded in December to heightened operations against offenders. Drivers also tend to be more careful since most have their family members onboard and try as much as possible to repair their vehicles. Niwabiine said most crashes and fatalities occur between 6 pm and 8 pm.


0 #1 Marz Mubiru 2024-02-23 17:41
That is wonderful. Does this money go towards improving our roads. That is the question.
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0 #2 Mandela 2024-02-23 22:37
Should we celebrate the efficiency of the fines by how much was corrected or by the reduction in number of traffic offences?
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0 #3 Kalibbala 2024-02-24 20:07
Where is the Money? Police are Housed like Rodents ! Your Salaries are impounded in SaCCos and Fake Savings making you Slaves in Your own Country..!

Wake Up..Demand Better Pay and Housing or Else Lay Down your Work and Return to the Villages!.. You can just as Well Cultivate your Own Vegetables..
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