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Mpuuga: Masaka NUP leaders slam Kyagulanyi over 'selfishness'

Robert Kyagulanyi with Mathias Mpuuga

Robert Kyagulanyi with Mathias Mpuuga

The National Unity Platform (NUP) leaders in Masaka have lashed out at the top leadership of their party over its demand for the resignation of MP Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba from the position of parliamentary commissioner.

The NUP secretariat released a statement on Thursday evening, calling for Mpuuga's immediate resignation. The party accused him of being culpable of corruption and abuse of office when he accepted a 'service award' of Shs 500 million from the parliamentary commission.

The statement indicates that acting on public rage, NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu convened a meeting of senior party leaders, who unanimously indicted Mpuuga for corruption and abuse of office in violation of the party’s values of; discipline, reliability, inclusiveness, integrity, patriotism ad service. 

However, NUP leaders in Masaka are now demanding a public apology and immediate withdrawal of the statement, which they describe as ridiculous and unreasonable. In a statement read by Charles Mary Mbanga, the chairperson of Masaka NUP Elders Council, the leaders accuse Kyagulanyi of acting on falsehoods perpetrated by a clique of individuals that deliberately misrepresent facts to malign Mpuuga over selfish interests. 

According to Mbanga, the Shs 500 million 'service award' was allocated to Mpuuga as his honorary gratuity, which is formally determined by the parliamentary commission, wondering why the party misconstrued it as corruption.   

Mbanga accuses Kyagulanyi of condoning indiscipline among some cliques in the party, which are now turning up to blackmail and scatter whoever attempts to call them to order. The leaders say that their president has recently encircled himself with a few selfish individuals, some members of his family, who have specialised in belittling and undermining leaders they perceive as capable of taking over from Kyagulagunyi.   

Meanwhile, Mpuuga also described the accusations and demands for him to step down as malicious and speculative. He described the ongoing debate as a deliberate and well-orchestrated campaign to character-assassinate him.

“I am ready for the worst if it takes this sacrifice to return sanity and common sense to our politics. I am available as ever to help this young party rid of any form of corruption from its rank and file and especially that ingrained at the base of the party. I accordingly decline the cowardly call on me to resign as a parliamentary commissioner, based on spite, envy and deliberate misrepresentation,” he indicates. 

However, while speaking at a meeting of NUP leaders from Wakiso district on Friday at the party headquarters in Makerere-Kavule, Kyagulanyi insisted that Mpuuga owes the party and the public an apology for the abuse of taxpayers’ money.  



+3 #1 Jose 2024-03-04 09:04
This is not the first commission, when they awarded the former leaders presidents and all that, they included even the swines, now this award is to mpuuga, is he the first person to have served as LOP

Masaka can very well decide for buganda matters may be, but not for national issues
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+3 #2 Lakwena 2024-03-04 12:55
On the one are the Masaka leaders who are strictly behind Hon Mpuuga who swallowed the fat frog, sic Shs.500 million.

On the other is Hon Kyagulanyi who is only swallowing his own saliva.

In other words, who is selfish and who is not?
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+3 #3 kambarage 2024-03-04 15:20
They are both selfish. Kyagulanyi wants to sacrifice Mpuga to make himself look clean yet he is as selfish if not more. Where did he take the 320m given to him as gratuity?

Was it not public funds? Mpuuga's 500m was also given by Parliament. Actually they should be attacking the whole leadership of Parliament for according themselves those wild privileges which he also enjoyed and which Joel Senyonyi enjoys.

Currently Senyonyi's office is given a mothly 35m for 'donations/gifts'. Where does he put that money really? How many communities has he given donations?

What physical infrastructure did Kyagulanyi build for his people using the 320m? I sense a witch hunt against Mpuga based on Nyanzi's personal narrow interests in greater Masaka, to make himself king maker which he can't do when Mpuga is still a big man there.
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+3 #4 kabayekka 2024-03-04 16:00
Where now should those who wish to join the Unity of Uganda be?

The infighting and misunderstanding does not seem to support unity of this country. The Ganda have a saying. Ssengavuddemu ngazzemu.

You dance with a partner who has a hump. Afterwards you change partners to dance with and end up dancing with that one who has a big and protruding stomach! Kitalo nyo!
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0 #5 Akot 2024-03-04 21:11
Museveni is the luckiest migrant conqueror, assured of lifetime rule & transfer of power to his son as Ugandans just fight one another, thus leave him to rules in peace!

While fake opposition leaders fight one another, who is fighting to ensure Ugandans take back their land in UNITY?

How can any Ugandan from a tribal land replace Rwandese Museveni who tribally divided & made Ugandans POWERLESS & endemies of themselves?
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+1 #6 apollo 2024-03-04 23:09
Interestingly, it is the enemies of Mr. Kyagulanyi (and by extension, NUP) that have given the 'best' and 'unsolicited' advice, since the matter came to a head.

It is a well-orchestrated attempt to cow down the NUP President, and once he capitulates, break his political spine. It is a similar case of Mr. Hyna advising Mr. Goat that it is safer to hide near the forest.
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+1 #7 PaulM 2024-03-06 04:20
You just need to observe who NRM is supporting to realise who is in the wrong. NRM MPs are so used to stealing taxpayers money that they see no wrong in this "service award" bribe.

Bobi Wine started cleaning house with the "big fish" who hide behind diplomacy as they rob us. Mpuga can join NRM like Mao, Akena, Betty Kamya and other opposition sellouts did
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