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K'jong woman thumps man into coma for making sexual advances

Michael Longole, Mt Moroto regional police spokesperson

Michael Longole, Mt Moroto regional police spokesperson

A 30-year-old man in Nakapiripirit district, northern Uganda has been hospitalized in critical condition at Tokora health center IV after being severely beaten into a coma when he made advances towards a woman.

Joseph Aleper, a resident of Acherer trading centre in Moruita sub-county, encountered trouble on Thursday afternoon when he propositioned a woman named Evelyne Napakol, also a resident of the area, for sexual relations. 

Napakol allegedly rejected Aleper's advances, leading to a verbal altercation that escalated into a physical confrontation. During the altercation, Benna Akol, a friend of Napakol, joined the fight and severely beat Aleper into a coma.

Michael Longole, Mt Moroto regional police spokesperson, confirmed the incident, stating that the police were promptly informed and intervened.

Longole said that a team of detectives visited the crime scene and apprehended the two women, who now face charges of attempted murder.

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