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How educated are Uganda’s MPs? Find out now

In the ongoing social media campaign against corruption among members of parliament, dubbed the “parliamentary exhibition,” the academic qualifications of some MPs and ministers have raised public concern.

Questions have emerged regarding whether these officials are adequately qualified for their roles due to their perceived low levels of education. While it is not always the case, the ability of a person to perform certain duties is often equated to their level of education.

This perspective was likely shared by the framers of the 1995 Constitution, which established minimum academic qualifications for MPs and ministers. Article 80 clause 1(c) of the Constitution states that a person is qualified to become a member of parliament if they “have completed a minimum formal education of Advanced Level standard or its equivalent.”

The Observer has analyzed the academic qualifications of all MPs, including ministers who are ex-officio members of parliament. According to the Directory of the 11th Parliament, which captures the biodata of all 557 MPs including ex-officio members, at least 18 have PhDs, 231 have master’s degrees, 251 have bachelor’s degrees, 37 have diplomas, 16 possess only the minimum qualification of UACE, and four possess certificates that are equivalent to UACE.

This analysis has brought to light the diverse educational backgrounds of Uganda’s lawmakers and sparked a debate on whether higher educational qualifications should be a prerequisite for public office.

According to our analysis, Dr Chris Baryomunsi, the minister of Information and National Guidance, is the most educated MP in the 11th Parliament.

Baryomunsi holds a PhD in Public Health from Atlantic International University (USA, 2016), a Postgraduate Diploma in HIV/ AIDS Management from the University of Brighton (UK), a Master of Demography from Makerere University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Demography from Makerere University, and a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree, also from Makerere University.

Following Baryomunsi is Dr James Nsaba Buturo, who holds a PhD in Development Administration from the University of Birmingham, a Master’s and Postgraduate Diploma in Social Sciences from the same university, and a Bachelor’s degree from Makerere University.

Other MPs with PhDs include:

• Dr. Aber Lillian, Woman MP for Kitgum district and state minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness
• Dr. Asiimwe Florence Akiiki, Woman MP for Masindi district
• Dr. Atim Agnes Apea, Woman MP for Amolator district
• Dr. Byakatonda Abdulhu, Workers’ MP

• Dr. Isingoma Patrick, MP for Hoima City East
• Dr. Kitutu Mary Gorretti, Woman MP for Manafwa and former minister for Karamoja
• Dr. Kefa Kiwanuka, MP for Kiboga East
• Dr. Lokeris Peter Teko, MP for Chekwii East and minister of state for Karamoja Affairs
• Dr. Magolo John Faith, MP for Bungokho North Mbale

• Dr. Moriku Joyce Kaducu, Woman MP for Moyo district and state minister for Education
• Dr. Irene Muloni, Woman MP for Bulambuli district
• Dr. Mushemeza Elijah, MP for Sheema South

• Dr. Peace Mutuzo, Woman MP for Bunyangabu and minister for Culture
• Dr. Muyingo John Chrysostom, minister of state for Education
• Dr. Ongalo Obote Cement Kenneth, MP for Kalaki county
• Dr. Rwamirama Bright Kanyantore, state minister for Agriculture

Apart from Isingoma and Byakatonda, who are independents, the rest of the 16 MPs with PhDs, which represent the highest level of academic qualification, belong to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM). This indicates that the NRM has the most educated MPs in the 11th Parliament.


Among the four MPs with the lowest level of education, holding certificates equivalent to the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), one is from the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), and three are from the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the National Unity Platform (NUP).

The UPC representative is Jimmy Akena, MP for Lira East Division and president of one of the UPC factions. The NRM representatives are Kayogera Yona, MP for Busiki North in Namutumba district, who holds a Grade III teaching certificate, and Aisha Ssekindi, Woman MP for Kalungu District and State Minister for Water, who also holds a Grade III teaching certificate.

The NUP representative is Ssegirinya Muhammad, MP for Kawempe North, who holds a certificate in Urban Food Experience from the Netherlands.

There are also 16 MPs who have just the bare minimum qualification of an Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE). Of these, eight belong to the ruling NRM, four to NUP, and four are independents, while one belongs to the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). These MPs include:

• Milly Babirye Babalanda, minister for the Presidency (NRM)
• Adidwa Abdu, MP for Bukooli South (Independent)
• Isabirye David Aga, MP for Jinja North Division (FDC)
• David Kabanda, MP for Kasambya (NRM)

• Kabuye Frank, MP for Kassanda South (NUP)
• Komol Emmanuel, MP for Dodoth East (Independent)
• Komol Joseph Miidi, MP for Dodoth North (NRM)
• Locap Peterkhen, MP for Bokora East Napak (NRM)

• Namutaawe Joan, Woman MP for Masaka (Independent)
• Nandutu Agnes, Woman MP for Bududa district and former minister for Karamoja (Independent)
• Nsubuga Paul, MP for Busiro North (NUP)

• Nyongore Enock, MP for Nakaseke North (NRM)
• Otukol Sam, MP for Pallisa county (NRM)
• Ssekabira Denis, MP for Katikamu North (NUP)

• Ssimbwa Fred, MP for Nakifuma (NUP)
• Twinomujuni Francis Kazini, MP for Buhaguzi county in Kikuube (NRM)
• Chemonges William, MP for Kween county (NRM)

Additionally, there are notable MPs and ministers who only possess diplomas. These include Nambooze Betty, MP for Mukono Municipality (NUP), Byamukama Fred, MP for Bugangaizi West and minister for Transport, Peter Elweru, UPDF representative and former deputy CDF, Joyce Bagala, Woman MP for Mityana district, Joyce Ssebugwaawo, minister for ICT, and Minsa Kabanda, minister for Kampala, among others.


A significant number of members of parliament hold advanced degrees, reflecting a high level of education among Uganda’s legislative body. Notably, several MPs possess two master’s degrees, making them among the most educated in their respective parties. These include Katabazi Francis, MP for Kalungu East, and Abed Bwanika from the National Unity Platform.

David Muhoozi, the UPDF representative and minister of state for Internal Affairs, and Charity Bainobabo, the UPDF representative and former deputy commander of SFC, also hold two master’s degrees.

Other notable figures with dual master’s degrees include Abigaba Cuthbert, Vice President Alupo Jesca, MP for Katakwi district, Margaret Muhanga Mugasa, state minister for Health, Monica Musenero, minister of Science and Technology, Jeje Odongo, minister of Foreign Affairs, Hillary Onek, minister of Disaster Preparedness, and Sarah Opendi, Woman MP for Tororo district.

For the leaders of parliament, the directory indicates a diverse and impressive range of educational qualifications. Speaker Annet Anita Among holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Kampala International University, a Master of Business Administration (Accounting) from Makerere University, a Certificate in Supervisory Management Skills from Horizon International, a Postgraduate Diploma in Banking from Uganda Martyrs University, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (Accounting) from Makerere University, a Certificate in Investigating Computer Fraud from Fraudstop, a Certificate in Client Relationship Management from Makerere University Business School, a Diploma in Business Studies from Uganda College of Commerce Soroti, a Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education from Masaka Advanced Level Academy, and a UCE from Mbale High School.

Her deputy, Thomas Tayeebwa, holds a Master of Business Administration from the Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute in Tanzania, a Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from Makerere University. Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has a bachelor’s degree in Democracy and Development Studies and a Diploma in Democracy and Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University.

The Leader of the Opposition, Joel Ssenyonyi Besekezi, holds two degrees from Makerere University, one in Law and the other in Business Statistics. The former Leader of the Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga, also holds two bachelor’s degrees from Makerere University, one in Law and the other in Education.

This diverse educational background among MPs and leaders highlights the breadth of expertise and knowledge within Uganda’s parliament, which is crucial for informed decision-making and effective governance.



0 #1 Akot 2024-07-03 13:18
Ugandans, please, as there is no that just 1 National Leader so so needed to call for an end to the tribalistic system & to UNITY, don't go for next useless parliamentary election!

Museveni doesn't need presidential election either as he's assured of lifetime rule, ownership of Uganda & tax money, control of every institution by you, the powerless tribally divided ruled!

Ugandans, no more fake elections, please!
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0 #2 kabayekka 2024-07-03 13:26
It seems very clear to much of the public that these very educated African leadership upgraded this third or fourth country's English constitution with the intention of governing the uneducated Africans for many years and counting until Jesus comes back to earth!

It is high time the Ganda tribes people stopped supporting this Uganda Elective representative house as the 1900 Buganda Agreement states.

The Buganda Kingdom state does not get any substantial gain from such an adventure. Buganda does not need National Elections of Uganda to exist!
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+3 #3 Bahemuka Muyambi 2024-07-04 01:28
Baryomunsi holds a PhD in Public Health from Atlantic International University (USA, 2016):?? This university is not a recognised university.

PhDs from Atlantic university are not recognised anywhere even in uganda. So Baryomunsi is not the most educated with his fake phd.

Shocked you didn’t know Atlantic international university is not even a level of kikubo fake academic papers. That’s how fake their phds are
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+2 #4 Adima Anthony 2024-07-04 12:52
You guys didn't carry out enough due diligence. How does a person with an honorary PhD qualify to be among the most educated?
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0 #5 Akot 2024-07-04 14:20
Mps are elected to ensure Public, Social services are financed by government to ensure the people who elect them live well!

Is this so in Rwandese Museveni's Uganda?

How can soon 40 years of being colonised be a democracy?

How can Ugandans continue going for fake elections to ensure their enslavement to Museveni they gave shelter to, but now owns their land, owns tax money, controls every institution?

Heartless tribal leaders are well payed by their chief Museveni & are enjoying miseries of Ugandans quietly, but Ugandans/subjects just go along, waiting, looking up to Museveni!

Worse, so called opposition leaders further divide Ugandans & lead them to fake elections to ensure Museveni's lifetime rule!

Just NO to the tribalistic system & UNITY with 1 National Leader will give Ugndans chance to form the kind of governance they want!
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0 #6 Paul Mayende 2024-07-05 14:51
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0 #7 Lysol 2024-07-05 19:54
Uganda has many fake PhD holders, just because they want to be addressed as a doctor. The dino, the doctor in title only.
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