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The way Ugandans fear homosexuals!

We should, in that case, be the best-behaved, most righteous people on earth, shouldn’t we?

I have not seen anything else that most Ugandans agree on, as homosexuality being a sin from our standpoint. But hey, it is not the only sin out there.

I too hate the recruitments going on in schools and economic blackmail attached to donor money lately – because look, nothing natural needs that much sprucing up and marketing. Not even apartheid when it was still the thing in South Africa for decades, attracted so much ire and threats from the West, like opposing homosexuality does in Africa today.

The West will turn a blind eye to all the other human rights abuses, but draw the line when we reject homosexuality. That is a long debate we may never exhaust.

My point today, though, is the irony of seeing people whose vices and sins stretch from here to Timbuktu, stand up in different forums to give their two cents on how sinful homosexuals are being. Please, sit yourself and that fat log in your eye down.

Who told Ugandans, and other Africans for that matter, that as long as they are not gay, they will be leading the praise at the pearly gates, come Judgment day?

I look at the TV screen and read in newspapers as people of very publicly dodgy characters point fingers at who is gay and hell-bound, and who is not.

People who have robbed our hospitals dry to the point that when we go into operation theatres, our folks have to purchase in private pharmacies everything from gloves and gauze to surgical blades and painkillers.

Our tormentors shout about homosexuality from sun-up to sun-down, knowing well that billions of our taxes are finding their way even as they speak, to their personal accounts and investments.

How can someone who abducts, maims and kills innocent people also have the audacity to open their mouth and preach against any sin? Gundi, have you seen the size of the log in your eye? Even the young man that hits compatriots with iron bars at night, discusses homosexuals in his free time.

Do you think there is special hell for some sins and sauna-like hell for others? Sin is sin. The same Bible we are quoting Sodom and Gomorrah from to whoever cares to listen, is also home to the ten commandments, which have never been amended.

It is home to scriptures warning against witchcraft, communing with the dead, adultery, deceit, fornication, corruption, murder, stealing... Nowhere does it say that there is Hell Super and Hell Lite...


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