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Irish potatoes and chicken galore

If the Shs 20,000 price for boiled chicken soup did not seem justified enough before, a filled-to-the-brim with nearly 10 pieces of Irish potatoes bowl and a giant piece of local chicken delivered thereafter was convincing.

Perfect for carousers. Popular for its ‘kafunda’ pork, Blou Lounge Restaurant and Car Wash in Bukoto has gone through a huge transformation.

The lounge is bigger, the kitchen expanded, with fresh vibes flowing in the air. Of course, local chicken is local chicken – tastier, sinewier and if not well boiled, a nightmare for the teeth.

Luckily, this one was fully boiled and soft enough for the teeth. The slight charcoal roasting adds the much-desired natural aroma. There was no need for artificial oils; the natural oils and carrots and tomatoes were enough to offer the taste.

The pork has not really changed for the better, though; maybe it was just a bad day at the office. It is still relatively cheap, going at Shs 7,000 per stick albeit with fewer pieces. It was full of fat cap which is quite a disappointment in this age.

Just like everywhere, the so-called accompaniments come at an extra cost of Shs 5,000. The customer care here is not the fastest, but once it arrives, it will bring in even the owner, who checks on her clients.


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