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Quality Food Planet is indeed quality food

You would be forgiven to doubt Quality Food Planet as they seem to be all over the place – offering both local and international dishes.

Katogo (pottage), rolex (eggs or meats wrapped in chapati), shawarmas, hotdogs, roti, luwombo, pilau, grill, and fish. Given how many
Ugandan restaurants like flaunting menus with non-existent foods, the menu at Quality Food Planet is too good to be believed.

The katogo itself has at least 18 different options ranging from cassava with beans, cassava with peas, cassava with assorted beef and ghee and katogo with assorted offals. Not to take any chances, I ordered for cassava, assorted beans, ghee with vegetables and katogo assorted peas and ghee.

The vegetables were surprisingly red amaranthus (bugga) and it was so much fused into the cassava that it even made the beans disappear. You could see the fresh beans but not taste them. The cassava had a slightly smooth starchy texture but dense flavour.

It paired so perfectly with the bugga and the only complaint was the little ghee that also lacked the standout local authentic flavour, but
that was the negligible part. The matooke and peas was not as good as the cassava and bugga, but still tasty.

Without the ghee, the katogo goes for Shs 15,000 or Shs 16,000 if you want to spruce up the meal.


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