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Uganda floods death toll rises to 24, scores still missing

Rescuers attempting to retrieve submerged vehicles

Rescuers attempting to retrieve submerged vehicles

The death toll of eastern Uganda flooding has risen to 24. Today, at least 14 more bodies have been retrieved from River Nabuyonga in Mbale City Industrial Division with several still missing.

Of the 14 retrieved, 10 bodies were recovered from a Super Custom vehicle they were travelling in reportedly for a traditional introduction ceremony Kabwangasi sub-county in Butebo district from Kampala.

The vehicle was one of the many that plunged into rivers or got swept downhill following the heavy rains that pounded eastern Uganda on Saturday evening through to Sunday morning.

Residents attempt to retrieve bodies from vehicles

Heavy rains ravaged the districts of Bulambuli, Kapchorwa, and Mbale which has been the most hit with at least 21 confirmed deaths.

Mbale city resident commissioner, Ahamda Washaki yesterday said there are fears that many more people could have died from the floods and are their bodies still in the water. He said that there is a need to deploy the police marine unit to search for the missing bodies.


+1 #1 WADADA rogers 2022-08-01 17:19
It appears there are more drowned people than what we had anticipated
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0 #2 Akao 2022-08-02 15:53
In functional countries, the army would be leading the rescue, becuse they are paid by tax payers.

In Museveni's Uganda, the army's role is onlly to brutakize the citize. I hear they are paid sh5000 shilling per dead person. Is that what a person is worth in Uganda?
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