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3 NRM 'mobilisers' remanded for obstructing Museveni's motorcade

The three NRM mobilizers blocked the president's motorcade

The three NRM mobilizers blocked the president's motorcade

Three ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) mobilisers have been remanded by Entebbe Magistrate's court for obstructing President Yoweri Museveni's motorcade and endangering their lives.

The trio including Florence Nakayovu, Innocent Mwesigwa, and Manisur Ainomugisha appeared Friday before the Entebbe grade one magistrate, Stella Okwong Paculal after spending three days in custody at Entebbe police station.   

The prosecution alleges that on March 7, 2023, the trio put their lives in harm’s way near State House Entebbe when they stood in the middle of the road in an attempt to stop the presidential motorcade. After hearing the charges, Nakayovu raised her hand in an attempt to explain that they had no ill intentions of harming the president or themselves.  

Okwong entered a plea of no guilt. Nakayovu later raised her arm to apply for bail but the magistrate explained she had not time to hear the application as it was getting late and there were other cases to handle. She remanded the trio to prison until April 12, 2023, when they will make their bail application. 

Before they were charged, Nakayovu explained that there are attempts to silence them after Museveni reportedly rewarded them for mobilizing for him support during the 2021 presidential campaigns but his handlers misappropriated the money.  

The NRM mobilizers in court

She said that the president first gave them an audience in November last year at Katabi when they stopped him to inform him of their grievances. That time they were eleven including Robinah Nambirige, Happy Kobugabe, Shira Kemigisha, Hadijah Nanyonjo, Rose Chandiru, Shira Nakazibwe, Isma Ssekiranda, and James Ganja. The president reportedly stressed they should not add any more people to their team and commended them for supporting him.

He asked them to give their small-scale business proposals to Maj Betty Agaba to follow up with her. He also reportedly ordered those handling security that they should not subject them to any ill-treatment. However, as soon as the president left, they were reportedly taken off the scene and thoroughly beaten and some got hospitalized and sustained scars which they showed to our reporter. 

They were reportedly asked never to talk about it once released. When they got in touch with Maj Agaba, she reportedly kept promising them until she cut off communication completely. When they used unusual telephone numbers to trace her, she reportedly become hostile and told them never to call her number again.  

“So we decided to seek an audience with the president again to ensure we get the things he promised and gave us but which have not received. That is why they arrested us and brought us to court. We are not rebels against the government,” Nakayovu said.

James Ganja, part of the eleven that the president met in Katabi said they were part of a group dubbed "NRM youths with a mission" that operated around junctions and trading centres in Kampala and Wakiso districts, donning yellow overalls and dry banana leaves to counter opposition dominance in cosmopolitan areas. 

Sometimes they enlisted protection from the military to survive opposition hostility but it is unfortunate the president’s handlers have treated them this way, which may force them to abandon the cause in future elections. Our reporter was unable to independently verify the suspect's claims and their role on the Museveni campaign trail.


+2 #1 WADADA rogers 2023-03-12 22:53
It is a reminder to the youth that they dont have shares in NRM, you play around with the seat you go to jail
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+3 #2 A K Mukasa 2023-03-13 00:36
Clearly the majority of not everyone who supports Museveni and NRM do not do it for ideological reasons but rather for financial reward.

What Museveni, his family and friends have done successfully is to impoverish the country and turn people into beggars whose only hope of making ends meet is to work for him.

These god forsaken individuals instead of turning their guns on him, they go to him hoping that he might throw some bones to them. They stupidly think that by pretending to support him, they will be rewarded like those they read about. Unlike them he learnt very quickly that the only way to get he wanted was to take it by force.
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0 #3 Lakwena 2023-03-13 08:39
But where were the trio on 26th Jan 2017, when their "Dear Leader", Gen Tibuhaburwa; angrily told off Ugandans that: he is not their servant nor employee to help them?

In other words, what a bunch of used-full idiots!

E.g. in the photo above can anybody in right state of mind, deny that the man is an obsessed, self-idol worshiping freak.

Wachireba? Full of himself, Tibuhaburwa only loves to hear and see himself.
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0 #4 kabayekka 2023-03-13 11:34
No wonder many NRM political fanatics have resorted to selling any thing anytime in all sorts of corruption so that they can make their financial ends meet.

One understands there are many more of these hardliners that have not been paid their dues from the handsome tax payements of this country now 40 years and counting!
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