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NSSF donates Shs 1bn to renovate public primary schools

NSSF Kampala Hills Run media luanch

NSSF Kampala Hills Run media luanch

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has announced a Shs 1 billion donation towards the renovation of selected public primary schools across the country. 
The funds are expected to be collected from the NSSF Kampala Hills Run. Already, Shs 150 million has already been contributed by Housing Finance Bank (HFB). NSSF acting managing director Patrick Ayota stated that this initiative is part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, focusing on health, education, youth, and underprivileged groups. 

“This year, we hope to raise Shs 1 billion to support our interventions in at least 10 public primary schools across the country. I, therefore, call upon all well-meaning Ugandans to join us in this noble cause as individuals, groups, or corporate institutions to inspire the next doctor, teacher, pilot, lawyer, or minister,” Ayota said.   

According to Ayota, the funds raised from previous editions of the Kampala Hills Run have already benefited around 15,000 pupils through the renovation of 60 classroom blocks and improvements in sanitation in 13 primary schools in Kampala, Soroti, Kisoro, and Otuke districts. 

“Our interventions have contributed to solving some of the challenges our communities face, and have inspired other corporate institutions to contribute, either in partnership with the fund or on their own. The run is our next major intervention in the education sector to raise funds to improve learning conditions in our public primary schools,” Ayota added.

These interventions have resulted in a 12 per cent increase in student enrollment and a 10 per cent reduction in dropouts in the beneficiary schools. The upcoming run, scheduled for July 2, 2023, at Kololo Independence Grounds, will cover 21km through selected hills of Kampala. NSSF is partnering with the Uganda Athletics Federation, ganda Red Cross, and other organizations to organize the event. 

HFB managing director Michael Mugabi says the bank is ready to work with NSSF to realize the intentions of this run. The bank has pledged Shs 150 million towards the cause, aligning with its corporate social responsibility agenda. 


+2 #1 Zachary Lubwama 2023-05-17 10:02
But I thought this was workers' money.
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0 #2 Uganda Olemwa 2023-05-24 21:12
The corrupt government misuses taxpayers money and deliberately runs down public schools.

On the other hand, the useless NSSF mismanagement team donates workers' funds to 'renovate' what the corrupt government has deliberately run down without even consulting the owners of the money.

I am sure the donation is not meant to renovate public schools but to fill the greedy pockets of the dictator's appointees at NSSF.
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