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Judiciary driver who complained about low salary arrested

Stanley Kisambira

Stanley Kisambira

Stanley Kisambira, a driver deployed by the judiciary for the last 15 years has been arrested by police after he released audio clips threatening to commit murder-suicide so as to kill a judge over a meagre salary.

Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire says the police opened a general inquiry file on Monday evening at Kampala Central police station to investigate Kisambira's threats.

URN couldn't not independently verify which judicial officer Kisambira drives. Social media platforms suggest that he is the chief justice's driver, while Owoyesigyire states that he is a driver for a judge attached to Mbale High court. Owoyesigyire says that Kisambira has refused to give a statement to the police in the absence of his lawyer. 

In the audio clips, Kisambira can be heard complaining about salary disparities in the judiciary for drivers and expressing his dissatisfaction with earning Shs 200,000 since joining the justice system in 2008. The judiciary released a statement addressing Kisambira's released audio. They acknowledged his concerns and provided clarifications to shed light on the matter. 

The statement explained that drivers now receive a consolidated monthly allowance, paid out quarterly, in addition to their salary. The combined total monthly payment for a driver exceeds Shs 1 million. The statement also mentioned that all judiciary staff members including drivers have access to health insurance services.

On social media platforms, Kisambira has been hailed as brave for exposing the low salaries of judiciary rank-and-file members. A fundraising campaign has been initiated to support Kisambira in obtaining legal representation and welfare. The campaign encourages donations, emphasizing Kisambira's role as a whistleblower who spoke out about the exploitation of judiciary. The flyer states, "Kisambira is ready to be punished or sacked but won't be silenced." 

Anonymous sources, recognizing the sensitivity of the case, have expressed the opinion that the judiciary should have increased Kisambira's salary instead of handing him over to the police.


0 #1 apollo 2023-05-17 09:31
I always wondered why the most reckless Government vehicles have a letter 'J' at the end.

I suffered a hit and run case one time by a vehicle from the same department. Sadly, I did not get to know the exact number since the plate was nearly faded and dirty. When a vehicle is put in the hands of a frustrated driver, it is not the Judiciary alone that should cry.
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+1 #2 Lakwena 2023-05-17 10:36
At this rate it is high time the government made a Disclaimer "YOU HAVE A DRIVER OR BODYGUARD AT YOUR OWN RISK" for whoever in Public office thinks s/he is a VIP.

Maybe what we are witnessing is a wake up call for the better (humbling) vis-a-vis the random violence and threats on the lives and safety of VIPs,

Otherwise, the dishonesty (corruption) indifference, disparity, segregation, brutality, social economic and political injustice, etc., is becoming unbearable.
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0 #3 Lakwena 2023-05-17 10:41
Probably, for the first time in History, Uganda is entering into the end of VIP's (very important person delusion) era.

In other words, before God we are all equal.

Therefore, there is no such a thing as VIP and no one to look-down on. It will be the virtue of "Concern for others and Preventing Harm" that will be our only Bodyguards and/or Drivers, that will not ask for a raise in pay/allowances.

E.g., why should another human being become another person's bodyguard? It is dehumanizing because, even our best and loyal friends, the dogs who sometimes guard us, do not guard other dogs.

Otherwise, it is high time Ugandans became aware of Body Afande Sabiiti (RIP), PC, Wabwire and now Driver, Stanley Kasambira Copy Cats on the loose.
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