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Absent magistrate remands judiciary driver Kisambira over hate speech

Stanley Kisambira before magistrate Fidelis Otwao

Stanley Kisambira before magistrate Fidelis Otwao

Embattled judiciary Stanley Kisambira has been remanded to Luzira prison on charges of hate speech. Kisambira appeared before Buganda Road grade one magistrate Fidelis Otwao. He was charged under the Computer Misuse Act.

Court heard that on May 12, Kisambira shared a recorded audio message through the Judiciary Transport WhatsApp group, which was likely to promote hostility against judicial officers. 

According to the prosecution, Kisambira made remarks suggesting that judges' salaries were unfairly higher than those of their drivers and that a driver could cause a road accident by ramming into a stationary truck, potentially resulting in the death of judges and their bodyguards.

Kisambira denied the charges against him. The magistrate informed him that he would remain in Luzira Prison until June 2 when he will appear before the trial magistrate, Asuman Muhumuza, who was unavailable during the proceedings.

The magistrate will then read the charges afresh. Kisambira's lawyers, led by Stanley Okecho and Derrick Bazekuketta, requested the court to release Kisambira or place him under house arrest until the trial magistrate is available. 

However, the magistrate informed them that he had already made the decision to remand Kisambira. Trouble for Kisambira began when he recorded audio clips that subsequently went viral on social media platforms. In the clips, Kisambira, a driver of Mbale High court judge Godfrey Namundi, expressed his dissatisfaction with salary disparities in the judiciary for drivers. 

Following his statements, judiciary permanent secretary, Bigirimana, accused Kisambira of misconduct and wrote to him on May 16. Bigirimana stated that Kisambira should have used proper channels, such as the public service standing orders, to address his grievances instead of resorting to social media.

Bigirimana emphasized that inciting violence, making threats, and spreading false information are unprofessional, criminal, and punishable offenses. In the letter, Bigirimana asked Kisambira to explain his actions within five days. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary measures, including dismissal from the judiciary.


+3 #1 WADADA rogers 2023-05-22 18:51
Wonders never cease, Why did the Chief Magistrate allocate an active file to an absent Magistrate as if there were no Magistrates to handle the plea taking, I dont see justice for Kisambira.

Kisambira's offense if at all was not sacrilegious to deserve an initial period of 10 days, is the judiciary ganging up against a man that the law presumes innocent
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+2 #2 WADADA rogers 2023-05-22 18:53
if it was an old file, that is easy to understand but a new file for a new case being allocated to an absent Magistrate is absurd, i hope the other drivers outside will not try to implement the threat before Kisambira's case is heard and determined
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+3 #3 WADADA rogers 2023-05-22 18:56
What i gave from the allocating officer is that all Magistrates at Buganda Road Court are afraid to hand the file for fear of reprimand, that is why it was allocated to an absent Magistrate.

Why do people have to work under fear in a country that claims to uphold the rule of law. Pius Bigiri......has already passed a verdict of guilty against on Kisambira that he is fired, why the cart before the horse
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+3 #4 Akot 2023-05-22 19:07
Uganda isn't a country any more but migrant Museveni's family business! So how can there be justice in it?

Why are Ugandans busy locking one another in prison instead of becoming ONE PEOPLE to end their enslavement to migrant Museveni, then form the kind of governance they want?

Why do Ugandans prefer being landless slaves of migrant Museveni, in the zone formed by their tribal lands?
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+2 #5 Ambrose 2023-05-23 10:03
As long as the judiciary and other actors continue behaving like this, Ugandans will take matters in their own hands and issue death sentence violently to most of these people in supervisory and administrative offices
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+2 #6 Wante Martino 2023-05-23 14:57
What Kisambira said is TRUE, we all remember the Judges "Confused: P7 to get UN-TAXED PAY more over their drivers only get Shs. 200,000, so why Remand him??
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