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Police block Mpuuga's oversight tour in Nakaseke

Mathias Mpuuga and other MPs in the Nakaseke

Mathias Mpuuga and other MPs in the Nakaseke

Police in Nakaseke district on Monday blocked the oversight tour by the leader of the opposition (LoP) Mathias Mpuuga, saying security had not been notified. 

The 2-day tour according to the program, Mpuuga and his team planned to spend Monday in Nakaseke and Tuesday in the neighbouring Luwero district.

The visit was scheduled to begin at the Nakaseke district headquarters in Butalangu, followed by visits to Kikamulo health centre III and Nakaseke general hospital to inspect the health facilities. Mpuuga arrived in Nakaseke alongside other opposition legislators. 

Afterwards, Mpuuga, who represents Nyendo-Mukungwe constituency, was scheduled to visit Kiwoko C/U primary school and hold a public meeting at Kiwoko C/U playground. Allan Mayanja Ssebunya, Nakaseke Central MP urged people to participate in the visit and share their views on constitutional and electoral reforms, land-related matters, and issues concerning veterans. 

However, upon their arrival in Nakaseke, Ssebunya revealed that he received orders from the police to stop the planned meeting at Kiwoko later in the day, citing a lack of notification.

Ssebunya expressed concern about the perceived unfairness, highlighting that government officials like Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and President Yoweri Museveni are allowed to address public rallies while the opposition is frequently barred. 

Mpuuga addressed the situation during his first meeting at the Nakaseke district headquarters, criticizing the area security chiefs. He emphasized that the tour is constitutional, and the blocking of any planned activities is unwarranted. 

Savannah Regional Police spokesperson Sam Twiineamazima said they had not received any formal communication about the visit from the LoP or other lawmakers, apart from what they read on social media. 

The incident further highlights concern about the selective application of the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and the challenges faced by opposition members when organizing public engagements.


+1 #1 jose 2023-06-06 08:56
But the fools would allow a birth day fete for a fool,

They put all the stupidity on things that would help the population but fear to stop kumanyoko things simply bcoz the general who never went through the procedure
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+2 #2 apollo 2023-06-06 11:26
Hon. Mpuuga and other patriotic Ugandans need to stop falling for the trickery of notifying the Police by way of a simple letter.

This is participation by Ugandans in blatant abuse of the law by Uganda Police operatives.

Instead, patriotic lawyers including Hon. Mpuuga should prepare a document lawyers call 'Intention to Institute a Suit' against the local Police Officers including O/Cs, DPCs and RPCs of the area to be visited. In that document, the wording needs to include individual liability and a warning that the matter will be prosecuted even if it is after 30 years.

The document(s) must be delivered by a Court service agent, who will swear an affidavit of service on file.

These 'love letters' that have been written to a Law breaking Police must stop henceforth.
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