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Quack doctor arrested in Nebbi over defiling 16-year-old patient

Inside a cell

Inside a cell

Police in Nebbi district arrested a quack medical doctor on allegations of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old patient.

The suspect, Francis Adabbu, and resident of Onjuku Upper Cell, Forest Zone ward, Thatha Division in Nebbi Municipality has been posing as 'Dr Adabbu.'

He is accused of raping the teenager on September 7 at his clinic in Nebbi town. Initial reports suggest that Adabbu exploited the vulnerability of the teenager, who had been seeking therapeutic treatment for a persistent headache.

The victim, originally from Zombo district, had gone for a medical review recommended by the suspect. Nebbi district police commander, Amisi Kayondo, explained that the suspect was apprehended following a report from the victim's parents.

According to Kayondo, the parents became concerned when they noticed unusual behavior of their daughter shortly after her return from the medical review. Kayondo added that the police have filed charges of aggravated defilement, impersonation, and illegal possession of government drugs against the suspect.    

During the arrest, police detectives also discovered various government-issued medications at Adabbu's makeshift clinic in Nebbi town. John Berocan Ongom, the LC I chairperson of Onjuku Cell, stated that the suspect had been providing medical treatment to the local community for years.

"Adabbu has been offering medical assistance to the local community here for a significant period. I was informed about his arrest, as the police did not contact my office," Ongom said.

This incident occurred less than a week after Joshua Mutundi, a records officer at Buwaiswa health center III in Buwaya sub county, Mayuge district, was arrested by police in Busoga East for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

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